About Me

I love food, traveling, shopping, fashion, people, animals, architecture, you name it.  I can find potential or the bright side in almost anything.  I spend most of my time researching and developing ideas for clothes, creating designer inspired decor, selling clothes on Poshmark, and remodeling and decorating my home.

My passion for designing has also given me the drive to create.  If I love it, I find a way to make it or I find someone who can.  I even have four patent pending garments being developed as I write this.  My ability to find or make my own high-end fashions and furnishings on a budget is what has inspired me to start this business and share my passion with my clients!

Having style is easy – we ALL have our own, sometimes we just need a little inspiration finding it.  Shopping, styling, and decorating comes easy to me and I would love to share that with you!